Programs Offered

Mat Teacher Training requires completion of Principles of Pilates and Mat sequencing. Curriculum takes approximately one month to complete.

  • Attend 5 hours of Introduction to Pilates Course.
  • Attend 16 hours of training modules
  • Fulfill 10 Observation Hours
  • Fulfill 25 Practice Teaching Hours
  • Fulfill 25 Personal Practice Hours

Comprehensive Teacher Training Program requires completion of 500 hours of study and takes approximately 6 months to complete.

  • Attend 5 hours of Introduction to Pilates Course.
  • Attend all Training Modules
    • 16 Hours Mat
    • 16 Hours Level 1
    • 16 Hours Level 2
    • 16 Hours Level 3
    • 6 Hours Clients with Special Needs
  • Fulfill 60 Observation Hours
  • Fulfill 120 Practice Teaching Hours (60 private+60 Group)
  • Fulfill 60 Practicum Teaching Hours (Apprentice Teaching)
  • Fulfill 180 Self Practice Hours

Breakdown of Hours

Training Modules: Hours spent learning curriculum, anatomy and

Observation: Hours spent observing a certified instructor in a private or group setting at an approved studio

Practice Teaching: Hours spent teaching group sessions (3 or more clients minimum of 60 hours) and private or duet session (2 clients max for minimum of 60 hours). These sessions can be made up of friends, classmates and other volunteers free of charge.

Apprentice Teaching: After successful completion of mid-term exams you will be allowed to begin teaching as apprentice at Pilates in the Grove or Bodies by Pilates studios. These sessions will include subbing group classes, teaching community classes and apprentice private sessions.

Self-Practice Hours: Hours spent practicing exercises independently or as a student in a group class or private sessions with a certified Pilates instructor.